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/// Message plugins \\\

R&Q Messages
This plugin allows to use the list of the most used phrases. Ver. 0.92.

RnQ Translate
Switches the typed word to correct layout by pushing only one button. Ver. 1.21.

Is used to replace the words in all messages by an exact word. For example replaces the dirty words by *CENSORED*. Ver. 2.2.

Encrypts the messages between two R&Q's. Ver. 0.41b.

/// Media plugins \\\

RnQ XMPlay Xtraz
Used for sending a message with the playing track info or for inserting this info to your x-status. Ver. 2.0

RnQ Image Resizer
Automatically resizes the picture for sending through R&Q. Ver. 2.0.

Picture exchange plugin. Ver. beta 7.

RnQ Chat Pics
Used for resizing, compressing and sending the png, jpg, bmp pictures. Ver. 4.2.

NA MultiPlayer Control
Allows to control your media player throw R&Q panel and to send a message with playing track. All Winamp-like players are supported: Light Alloy, Apollo, CoolerPlayer, foobar2000, NAD Player, BS Player etc. Ver. 1.2a.

/// Functionality extension plugins \\\

RnQ Eye Plugin
All-seeing eye. Monitors the events caused by your contacts: x-status request, automsg request, authorization request etc. Ver. 1.41.

Invisible Checker
Checks your contacts visibility. Ver 0.4.

Informs if the message is undelivered. Ver. 0.6.0.

HistoryLog OQ
Saves your history and other events to the text files. Ver. 0.7.2.

XStatus Advanced
Destined for the people who like to play with x-statuses :-) Allows to store recently used x-statuses and add them to favorites. Ver. 0.7.

XStatus Plugin
Changes your x-status after some customized period. Ver. 1.0.

Float Contact
Makes a float contact by click on the plugin button in chat or ALT+F. Ver. 1.0.

Makes a quick list of your favorite programs or links. Ver. 4.2.

Identifies and adds the PageRank. Ver. 1.0.

MyWeather Plugin
Receives the weather from Ver. 1.2.7.

Traffic jam info
Shows traffic jams in Moscow city. Ver. 1.0.

/// Automatization plugins \\\

RnQ Auto-Message Gear
Used for sending individual auto-msgs to your contacts when you are busy. Ver. 1.0.

The script engine based on lua-language. Automatizates your R&Q by scripts. Ver. 0.3.0b.

abba aka Blabber
Imitates the virtual interlocutor which replies to the incoming messages instead of you. Ver. 1.0.

Do It Remotely
Allows remote management through ICQ. Uses reg. expressions. Ver. 1.13.

Remote management of Download Master through ICQ. Ver. 1.0.

/// User interface plugins \\\

RnQ Highlighter
Blinks the keyboard indicators on incoming msg. Ver. 0.15.

Allows to manage your status, x-status and visibility by hotkeys. Ver. 1.2.

Contact Styler
Customizes user-contacts themes. Ver. beta2.

Sounds the pushed buttons like mechanically typed. Ver. 0.5.

Beep plugin
Makes incoming msgs sounded by beeper. Ver. 1.0.

/// Additional function plugins \\\

Plugin for ICQMoney users.

Adds a simple organizer to the chat tab. Ver. 2.1.

reijii RSS Viewer
Allows to read RSS-feed. Ver. 2.0.

RSS Reader
Allows to read RSS-feed. Ver. 0.8.

RnQ Test Machine
Tests plugins compatibility. Ver. beta1.

/// Games \\\

Allows to play chess though ICQ. Ver. 2008.1.

Allows to play different games though ICQ such as: Chess, Reverse, Corners, International checkers, Russian checkers and Pool checkers. Ver. v1.0 epsilon, build 9.

/// Utils \\\

ICQ Packet Hunter
Catches and saves the info when requested. Ver. 1.0.

Retrieve password
Needed for retrieving the forgotten password from the file rnq.ini. Works if "save MD5 hash instead of password" is disabled. Ver. 1.0.

Allows to start the programs as administrator in Windows Vista. Ver. 1.0.
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